Offer for Land Owners

Do you own utilized or unutilized land and wonder how you can make better use of it and contribute to improving the environment?

If so, we would like to offer you a partnership and establish cooperation. We offer you an attractive opportunity to maximize yield from your land and contribute to the development of a clean energy industry that respects the nature around us.

Photovoltaics is a renewable and cheap source of energy that offers a high return (it can be up to multiples of your current land yield). And, in addition to the environmental benefits mentioned above, it also helps to diversify electricity generation sources within the region. Therefore, photovoltaics enjoys widespread support not only within the EU but across all countries.

Based on due diligence of your land, we can determine, entirely at our expense, whether your land is suitable for a PV project and whether it can be connected to the grid. If the land is found suitable, we will prepare an attractive long-term lease offer for you. In the future, we plan to offer cooperation in the style of agrivoltaics, i.e. growing crops and generating electricity at the same time.

All we need for the due diligence process is the location of your land. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us at vaclav.kula[at]


Václav Kůla

Project Manager at BHM Renewables

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